Banking Security

Hidden credentials

BLING can’t access your identifier information. We don’t see it or store it at any time. Your credentials aren’t saved on the app, on our servers, or even on your phone. Nowhere.

Encrypted and confidential banking data

The data exchanged between our banking partners (Bankin' or Tink AB) and the bank is encrypted. Your safety is guaranteed by highly secured encryption algorithms (asymmetric RSA keys, 256-bit encrypted data, TLS 2.3 communications, DSP2 certification…). All of these are used in most e-commerce, online bank services, etc.

Secure application

Only you can access your application: it is protected by the password you have chosen or by biometric authentication (facial recognition or fingerprint verification). If we detect several failed access attempts, your account will be blocked.

Secure refund

When you request a cash advance, you validate the debit and the use of your credit card to refund this advance. This validation is a one-time mandate that doesn’t allow us to charge you for anything other than the debit you've authorized.

Our partners, leaders in Open Banking security

Bankin' and Tink AB are the bridge between BLING and your bank. Both are major actors in the European finance sector, being among the selected partners of banking applications. Their servers are in the European Union and their certification is compliant with GDPR regulations.