We won’t be able to come back with the same product as soon as we would like, but we are working on bolder options to offer you new services. We will update you on the development process, although this may take a few months.

Banking Security

Hidden credentials

BLING cannot access to your credentials. We do not see or store them at any time. They are not registered on the app, on our servers, or even on your phone. Nothing.

Encrypted and confidential banking data

The data exchanged between our approved banking partner Bankin’ and the bank is encrypted and secured. Your safety is guaranteed by the most secure and demanding encryption algorithms on the market (asymmetric RSA keys, 256-bit data encryption, TLS 2.3 communications, DSP2 certification). These are used in most e-commerce, online banking, etc.

Secure Application

Only you can access your application: it is protected by the password you have chosen or by biometric authentication (facial recognition or fingerprint verification). In case we detect several failed attempts to access your account, this will be blocked.

Automated account verification

In order to release the advance, Bling automatically reads the activity of your account: we check the financial health and the presence of a regular source of income. This way, the advance is made in good conditions, for you as well as for us. The associated account authorizes Bling a reading mode (we can see it but not operate on it), nothing more.

Secure refund

When you request a cash advance, you validate the debit and the use of your credit card to reimburse the advance at your next income. This validation is a unique mandate that does not allow us any other debit than the one for which you have given your authorization.

Our partners, leaders in Open Banking security

Bankin’ is the bridge between Bling and your bank, like a secure airlock. This major player in the European financial sector is approved and is one of the preferred partners for banking applications. The Bankin' device used are Bridge and Tink, it is among the most successful in terms of protection of automated access to accounts and secures more than 8 million accounts every day in Europe. Their servers are located in the European Union and their certification is compliant with the RGPD regulation.