We won’t be able to come back with the same product as soon as we would like, but we are working on bolder options to offer you new services. We will update you on the development process, although this may take a few months.

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The available advance depends on your income and consumption habits. The app calculates it instantly.

Automatic reimbursement Bling gets the money back as soon as your next income or salary arrives in the account. The refund is done by itself.

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Jackpot. Mama mia. Oulalala.

Request your advance in 10 seconds. Ready! The money appears in your account.

For everyone

No files or certificates to provide.

All you need is a stable income to be able to refund the advance without any problems: income, salary, allowance, retirement, study grant...

red zone

Avoid the end-of-month panic, BLING also lets you know when you need to take it easy on spending to keep away from falling into overdraft.

  • Overdraft fees alerts
  • Updated account balance
  • Cash flow prediction
The floor is lava.
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Money master

Manage your money like never before. Set aside more savings. Always stay in the green.

Up to €100 to enjoy them as you wish

Treat yourself

Solve an unforeseen situation

Avoid fees

In short, BLING allows you to be generous with your money and to be calm throughout the month. Not just the pay week.

Data clean

All your data is encrypted. Your bank details allow us to see the account to check that everything is ok and to help you manage it, but not to touch it. And, of course, we do not resell your personal data either.