We won’t be able to come back with the same product as soon as we would like, but we are working on bolder options to offer you new services. We will update you on the development process, although this may take a few months.

Dear money, I promise to take care of you.

Be kind with your money

At school, we don't learn to manage our budget. At no time in life for that matter. In the event of a hard blow, a lot of times the existing solutions are punitive and always pricey: high overdraft fees, spiral of consumer credit, hidden rates ... When did humanity get stuck in this mess who does no good to anyone (except banks)?

BLING's mission is to help you be financially healthy. By supporting you in the event of the unforeseen without worsening the situation and by helping you to manage your budget well. Knowing what you're doing with your money is the best way to stay in control of it.


Cash advance

An instant cash advance of up to €100, with no hidden fees, no asterisk and no small print.

Budget management

Do you know how much you spend on restaurants per month? The app tells you. Through our notifications, the app helps manage your money like a boss.

Maintaining our financial health should be as important as taking care of your body. As with sports and diet, there are a lot of good habits to learn.

Alan, employee at Bling

No more abuse. Goodbye to...

  • The micro-credits that make your financial situation worse
  • The predators on the lookout for financial mistakes
  • The fees and taxes that follow your every move

“Did you know that 1/4 of banks' profits come from overdraft fees?”

Our values


We never liked punishments. Neither by our parents, nor by our bankers. Therefore, we provide a healthy solution, hoping to change our relationship to money a little.


Our system confirms that you are managing your finances responsibly before validating the advance. This is not your case? Our prediction and alert tools are always available to help you better manage your money.


We are not wolves disguised as sheep. Our advance system is simple, transparent and without hidden conditions.


Do we believe we should talk about money without embarrassment? Yes. Do we want to have a happy and friendly approach because we are not ashamed to say that money is cool? Also yes.

Where does the money come from?

As you can imagine, BLING did not go to the banks. To support our mission, we went to look for money elsewhere: among successful entrepreneurs, great sportsmen, footballers, artists... In short, people who do not come out of the financial world.